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ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard, but a command-line interface that simplifies the use of some applications to create AVI, Matroska, MP4 or OGM files from DVDs.

ANDREW is free software, released under GNU General Public License.


2012.01.18 ANDREW goes on strike!
2009.03.25 Released version 1.3.4: added MP4 container support and iPod compatibility!
2009.02.05 Released version 1.3.3: added batch mode, constant quality encoding method and more!
Many thanks to Per for his suggestions and testing


ANDREW runs in interactive or batch mode
works on-the-fly or ripping DVDs to hard drive
handles progressive, telecine and interlaced NTSC and PAL formats
controls needed disk space availability
encodes an entire title or few chapters only
selects multiple audio and subtitle tracks by preferences or in full manual mode
supports AVI, Matroska, MP4 and OGM containers
splits movies in several files or encodes them by target size or video bit rate
uses two-pass or constant quality MPEG-4 ASP or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video encoding
crops and scales the video automatically
uses AAC, MP3 or Vorbis audio encoding and AC-3 extraction
uses hard or soft encoding for subtitles from VobSub and SRT files
speaks English, Italian and Spanish

ANDREW creates files that can contain particular types of tracks (V), some of which only using optional dependencies (V):

FMP4 Video XviD Video x264 Video AAC Audio AC-3 Audio MP3 Audio Vorbis Audio Hard Subtitles Soft Subtitles Chapter Index
AVI container V V V X V V X V X X
Matroska container V V V X V X V V V V
MP4 container V V V V X X X V V X
OGM container V V V X V X V V X V


ANDREW should work with any GNU/Linux or *nix operating system where you can install and execute the following software (tested on a x86 running Ubuntu 8.10):

Program Tested version Minimum version
Required (but not checked)
GNU BASH 3.2.39(1)-release 2.03-alpha
GNU Coreutils 6.10
GNU gettext 0.17
GNU grep 2.5.3
GNU iconv 2.8.90
GNU sed 4.1.5
less 418
Ncurses 5.6.20071124
Required (and checked)
GNU bc 1.06.94
lsdvd 0.16 0.10
MEncoder 1.0rc2-4.3.2 1.0pre8
MPlayer 1.0rc2-4.3.2 1.0pre8
mkvmerge 2.6.0 0.97
mkvextract 2.6.0 0.97
OggEnc 1.2.0
avimerge 1.0.2
FAAC 1.26.1
LAME 3.98
MEncoder + x264 0.svn20080408
MEncoder + XviD 1.1.2
MP4Box 0.4.4
ogmmerge 1.5 1.41
vobcopy 1.1.0


ANDREW package includes localised man pages and localisation files.
See NEWS and ChangeLog to know all the changes made to ANDREW.

Installation and Use

Extract the file you have downloaded typing tar -jxvf andrew-1.3.4.tar.bz2 in a terminal window and install ANDREW typing cd andrew-1.3.4 && ./configure && make and then make install as root (or sudo make install, if root account is disabled on your system). Alternatively, you can edit the first line of andrew.in.sh script, rename the file and move it wherever you like, giving up localised versions of ANDREW and its man pages.

Invoke ANDREW typing andrew.sh (read the man page to see the available options, type man andrew). If there isn't one, ANDREW will create a configuration file, will wait for you to make changes in it and then, in interactive mode, will ask you some questions before encoding your movie.

You can play the files created by ANDREW using the following free software:

OS Player
Windows Media Player Classic + Combined Community Codec Pack
VLC media player
Windows Media Player + Combined Community Codec Pack
Other MPlayer
VLC media player


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